GAME THREE: Tulane @ #17 Ole Miss

The "hype" has been high. Will the Green Wave deliver in rainy Oxford?

Preview by Kelly Comarda and JP Gooderham. You can find FTW on Twitter (@fearthewaveblog).

Tulane’s 2021 schedule was largely not a point of interest for your normal, everyday College Football viewing public. With games against playoff-era powerhouse Oklahoma, rising SEC program Ole Miss, and Conference USA champ UAB to boot, expectations on this Green Wave team were decidedly low entering the year. Vegas, for instance, set the number of wins for the season at 5.5 — Tulane was quite clearly just another fringe bowl team trying to find its way back to a bowl game celebrating the noble potato or another item of produce.

Things have changed.

The Wave seized an opportunity in Norman, OK to nearly stun the Sooners live on ABC. While this victory would have been the signature win for most Tulane fans alive today, it was not to be. Hyped up yet winless, Tulane then hosted rebuilding FCS team Morgan State for a “home” game at Legion Field. In a sparsely attended affair far from home, Tulane brought their own energy while posting 52 points in the first half, sitting Michael Pratt and others, and scoring the most points in any game since UL-Lafayette in the undefeated 1998 season.

This all sets the stage for Saturday night in Oxford, Mississippi. Tulane will once again try to stun a major conference opponent with credible status as one of the country’s best teams. Like Oklahoma, Ole Miss will center on a high powered offense led by a Heisman contender in Matt Corral.

Unlike Oklahoma, Ole Miss will not have the excuse that they failed to take Tulane seriously. Head Coach and part-time social media influencer Lane Kiffin told the press this week that Tulane was “an SEC team.”

It’s now up to the Green Wave to show where the rubber meets the road: was the Oklahoma performance a flash in the pan, or can the Wave reverse recent history and show that they can truly hang, if not beat, the top tier of College Football?

Coach Fritz’s Comments

Coach Fritz weighed in on the high powered, top-five ranked Ole Miss offense by emphasizing the need to make tackles and avoid giving playmakers much space:

Well, we got to stay over the top we got to do a good job of tackling in space because they do a super job of getting their playmakers ball in space, whether it's by pass or run. They've got a really good running game - much much much better than people probably give them credit for. I don't know exactly everything with all the offense, who's calling what and all that stuff. But I think it's a little bit of a combination Coach Kiffin, he had fantastic offenses for years and years and years and years.

Fritz was also asked about the development of Tulane QB Michael Pratt, who has emerged as a bit of a breakout star of the early College Football season:

He's done an excellent job. He's just picking the game up. I think the game slowed down for a little bit. He's seeing things pre snap. He's accurate, has a strong arm and has much better movement than people give him credit for. We're excited that we've got an excellent quarterback. You've got to have that in these type of games.

Finally, Fritz was asked about getting pressure on Corral. He pointed to the importance of coverage when Corral has time to make throws underneath or deep:

We always want to try to get some pressure but sometimes we got to rush three sometimes four. Sometimes you sell the farm and try to bring more than they got to block. He (Matt Corral) sits back there and pats the ball. We've got to be really, really good in coverage, both underneath and over the top

Wave of History

There are a few important historical notes for this game.

All-Time History: Of course, Ole Miss and Tulane are familiar foes from the 20th century when the two programs played in the SEC and after. The Rebels lead the series with a 41-28 record. Ole Miss has won nine straight games dating back to Tulane’s last win in 1988 when the Wave took home a 14-9 win over the Billy Brewer coached squad that had earlier beaten a ranked Alabama (the old days were fun, I guess). Our friends at Ole Miss blog Red Cup Rebellion posted a nice deep dive here.

Also, notable — Tulane will wear a past icon of Tulane Football programs on their helmets. Greenie (carrying an Angry Wave flag) will appear on the side, with a 3-time SEC champ sticker adorning the back. The release of this helmet has caught national attention from, well, everyone. Holy cow, this department has gotten really good at creating a media frenzy about a football program that some outlets couldn’t find on a map a few years ago.

You can buy a T-Shirt from our friends at Homefield featuring this new graphic, which they released yesterday (and look to have in stock at the time of this writing).

Last, we have to talk about the drought against AP ranked opponents. Tulane last beat an AP-ranked opponent just 37 YEARS AGO when Wally English took down #19 Vanderbilt for one of just three wins that season. I just did a count looking at every Tulane schedule since 1984, and it looks like that makes 55 straight losses to AP-ranked opponents. The drought needs to end eventually, right?

Kelly’s Breakdown

Tulane rolls into Oxford a 14 point underdog to Ole Miss, but Ole Miss is certainly not taking Tulane lightly after what happened in Norman two weeks ago.  Willie Fritz has been searching for a signature win, and this week presents possibly his best opportunity.  A win against Ole Miss would put the college football world on notice that Tulane is for real. What will Tulane have to do to turn that dream into a reality?  Here are some things to look for on Saturday night.

1. Corral Matt

The biggest difference between Spencer Rattler and Matt Corral is Corral's ability to tuck and run when the opportunity presents itself.  Whereas Rattler can pick up a couple of first downs a game with his legs, Corral can actually hurt you. Tulane can't afford to lose containment or leave the middle of the field unoccupied against Corral.  Look for Tulane to potentially rush 3 and use Dorian Williams to spy Corral. Rush lane integrity will be key all night for the Wave. 

While it's always great to get heat on the QB, this might not be the game to throw a ton of blitzes in the game plan.  Tulane might be better off trying to get home rushing 3 or 4, keeping Corral in the pocket and forcing him to throw into tight windows. Tulane's defense must hit Corral every chance it gets to wear him down over the course of the game. If Corral can net over 50 yards rushing, that could be bad news for the Green Wave. 

2.  Just Say No to Donterrio

Donterrio Drummond has been a problem for Ole Miss opponents in 2021 with 15 grabs for 284 yards and 3 TDs.  For comparison, that is more than half the receiving yards that Tulane's top pass catcher had last year for the entire season.  Drummond and his running mate Jonathan Mingo are both big, physical targets checking in at 220 and 225 lbs.  Tulane is going to have to find a way to keep these two from breaking tackles and turning 10 yard catches into 20, 30 and 40 yard gains.

3. Linebacker and Safety Play are key

Ole Miss killed Louisville with quick slants in the read/option game, and they repeatedly attacked the seems. If Tulane is going to be successful this weekend, it will rely heavily on its experienced linebacker corps, especially Dorian Williams, Nick Anderson, Marvin Moody and Kevin Henry. 

Safeties Larry Brooks, Macon Clark, Derrion Rakestraw and Rudy Dyson will also play a big role in this game. Tulane linebackers need to keep their depth in the read/option to force Corral to run the ball or give it to the back. I like Tulane's chances a lot more trusting Jeffrey Johnson and company to be stout against the run and allowing the linebackers and safeties to rally to the ball in the running game.

4.  No Turnovers.

Michael Pratt fumbled three times against OU, and while the turnovers only resulted in 6 points, they killed Tulane's offensive momentum.  Tulane is going to have to play a mistake free game on offense in order to beat Ole Miss in Oxford. 

5.  Early Offense

Tulane cannot expect to fall behind Ole Miss and make a huge comeback like it nearly did against OU.  Tulane's needs points on its first few drives to gain confidence and to keep up with Ole Miss. 

The Rebels haven't really been tested in 2021, and the longer Tulane can keep the game close, the more likely it is that Tulane can make a key play or Ole Miss might make a key mistake to give Tulane the game. 

6.  Grind Out a Run Game 

Tulane's running attack has not looked great this year. The Wave even struggled to get the run game going against Morgan State. While I expect Tulane's success to be predicated on Michael Pratt's ability to make plays in the pass game, I think Tulane still needs to find a way to move the chains using the run game. 

If Tulane can muster more than 150 yards rushing from the running backs, then I really like the Wave's chances.  That will open up the play action pass game even more and allow Tulane to use the clock to its advantage. 


Kelly’s Prediction:  I want this game really bad. Tulane has been on the cusp of a signature win a couple of times under Willie Fritz and it just hasn't come. This will be a very difficult game to win. Lane Kiffin is certainly not taking Tulane for granted and should have his team ready to play...but so will Willie Fritz.  Logic tells me that Ole Miss wins a close one here, but I'm calling my shot anyway.  Tulane 38 Ole Miss 34

JP’s Prediction: Tulane is a 14-point underdog. Ole Miss now has tape from two games of the Chip Long offense. We have ol’ Lane “also sometimes Joey Freshwater” Kiffin talking about the Wave as an SEC team. Rat poison. Rat poison, everywhere. If you’re going in with low expectations, you’re smarter than me. I think this game will be a track meet, and we’re going to see points. Ole Miss has an improved defense but one that will need to play disciplined, consistent football to hold back Michael Pratt. Last, I think Tulane will find more success running the football than we saw in Norman. I’m going with the Greenies. Tulane 49, Ole Miss 45.

Share your prediction below.

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UCF's Big 12 Application

Here's what applying to the Big 12 looks like

In the past couple weeks, reporting made it clear that the arrival of UCF, Houston, Cincinnati, and independent BYU was pretty much a done deal. With that said, there were some formalities, like an “application” that the schools would need to provide to the Big 12 and then, finally, the Big 12’s decision to invite.

We did a records request to UCF to see what this application was like, and it is brief. As shown here, the schools indicated their attention to join as early as 2023 (which would mean essentially two more seasons in the AAC).

Here’s the full copy of the letter to the Big 12.

For the AAC, the bylaws require 27 months notice to leave and a $10M exit fee. Schools can negotiate to leave earlier, but it comes at a cost: UConn reportedly spend $17M to leave the AAC early. 27 months from now would be December of 2023.

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GAME TWO PREVIEW: Morgan State @ Tulane

Tulane narrowly missed a signature victory. They'll look to rebound against FCS Morgan State

Preview by Kelly Comarda. You can find FTW on Twitter (@fearthewaveblog).

Tulane Football caught the attention of College Football fans nationwide during a 40-35 battle in Norman after a tumultuous week. With 2.5M viewers tuning in to ABC, the duel between the Wave and Sooners was one of the most watched games of the weekend.

In the end, the Wave shocked many who were not familiar with the strides made in this program under Coach Willie Fritz. Nonetheless… the final result still went into the loss column. The Green Wave will look to equalize things on Saturday by getting their first win of the 2021 campaign.

Morgan State of the FCS will face Tulane on ESPN+ (subscription required) in a Green Wave “home game” played at Legion Field in Birmingham, AL. For folks who are local to the area and want to go, admission is free for the noon kick. Here’s your breakdown.

Wave of History

This is the first time that the Morgan State Bears will face Tulane in program history. Morgan State has qualified for the FCS playoffs one time — that was in 2014.

In their last full season (2019), the Bears went 3-9 with two games against FBS opponents: a 52-21 loss in their FBS game against Army and a 46-3 loss against Bowling Green.

And last, in the MEAC preseason rankings, the Bears were picked to finish fifth out of six teams.

Coach’s Comments

In his presser this week, Coach Fritz spoke about the importance of building on a nationally watched performance at Oklahoma:

There were some good things to takeaway, but we would rather learn lessons from a "W" than an "L". Like I told them, we have a 24-hour pout rule and a 24-hour gloat rule after we win, we got to move onto the next thing. Sometimes guys they sit around and revel in past successes and they're not as good as the next time they go out or they're still worried about the last game where they didn't play very well. We've turned the page, we're on to Morgan State and we just want to play better. Good ball clubs make their biggest improvements between week one and week two, so we certainly want to do that.

Fritz was asked to comment on what his thoughts were on the widespread reports that UCF, Cincinnati, and Houston out of the AAC are bound for the Big 12. He declined to really share his thoughts:

I saw something about it the other day, it's really none of my business. I want to do the best job I can for Tulane.

With Tulane announcing that the school will be opening early for academics, it seems like the team is eager to get back to campus. Fritz commented on some of the facility limitations that the team is encountering while in Birmingham:

We're still under the 20 hour a week rule, the problem we get into is that going to the weight room is a drive and coming back is a drive and going to the meeting rooms, I am trying hard not to walk through other people's meetings because we just don't have as many meeting rooms as we normally have. That part of it is different, guys come down every morning and try to find their loop.

Kelly’s Breakdown

I told you I had a feeling about last weekend.  Maybe I was a bit intimidated to come right out and say that I thought that Tulane had a chance to win the game for fear of sounding like an insane homer, but Tulane came out and put the college football world on notice: The Green Wave came to play in 2021. 

The Wave was far from perfect against Oklahoma (and Oklahoma struggled at times too), but Tulane played like the veteran team that it is. With Michael Pratt at the helm, Tulane has the ability to hang with anybody.  The key to the rest of this season will be taking some of these close calls and turning them into W’s.  Here are a few observations from week 1:

  1. Pratt can be a lot better.  Crazy to think, but Michael Pratt actually left some plays out on the field against Oklahoma. There were 3 or 4 throws where Pratt threw his best fastball when a bullet pass wasn’t necessary.  While many of those passes were catchable, and should have been caught, if Pratt can play with a bit more finesse, he’ll be downright unstoppable.  Two other throws that come to mind are a throw where Pratt airmailed Phat Watts in the front corner of the end zone in the first quarter and a bomb to Jha’Quan Jackson in the second quarter that fell incomplete. 

    On both of these throws, the Oklahoma defenders were in good position in single coverage, but Pratt had plenty of space to throw his receivers open. On both occasions, Pratt’s passes were too flat and in areas where his receivers had little chance to make a catch.  As Pratt continues to grow, these are throws that he will make. 

  1. More impact from Duece and Quan.  Last season, our top two receiving targets were Duece Watts and Jha’Quan Jackson led Tulane with 31 catches a piece.  Neither player caught a pass against Oklahoma, although both were targeted multiple times.  While Tulane will need both players to contribute to continue its bowl streak and contend for a conference title, it was encouraging to see players like Shae Wyatt, JaeTavian Toles, Tyrick James, Will Wallace and YG Booker step up and make plays in the passing game. 

  1. Green and Thomas held up well.  A concern for Tulane going into this game was the inexperience of the right side of the Tulane offensive line.  Rashad Green and Caleb Thomas passed their first test with flying colors.  Oklahoma got to Pratt 4 times in this game, but most of the pressure was applied by Isaiah Thomas who came off the right side of the defensive line away from Green and Thomas. 

    Protecting Pratt is the number 1 priority of this offensive line and Oklahoma has one of the best, if not the best, defensive lines in college football.  If Tulane can use this performance to boost the confidence of the O-Line, AAC defensive lines aren’t going to stand a chance. 

  1. Tyjae Spears isn’t 100%.  Tyjae Spears was back out on the field for Tulane about 11 months post ACL tear. Judging from the first performance, he is still getting back to top form.  Tyjae was not yet explosive in his first performance back from injury. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sat against Morgan State or only played a few plays to give his knee time to recover.  Hopefully as the season wears on, Tyjae can regain some of the speed and elusiveness that he showed before the injury.

  1. No pressure. Tulane’s defensive line struggled against a big, athletic OU offensive line.  While Tulane was able to hit Spencer Rattler on occasion, it was mostly due to tight coverage down the field. Morgan State will be a good opportunity for Tulane’s dogs to go hunting for a QB.  Again, experience and confidence will be huge for Tulane’s young edge rushers like Angelo Anderson, Keith Cooper and Darius Hodges.  This will be a good week for the young trio to get going. 

  1. Coordinators were awesome.  Both Chip Long and Chris Hampton did an excellent job in their first games running their respective systems.  Long had Oklahoma on skates to start the game and if it weren’t for three Pratt fumbles (only 2 of them really mattered because one was on 4th), Tulane played about as well as you can play offensively.  Chris Hampton’s squad had a tough job.  I said before the game that shutting Oklahoma down would mean them scoring 35 or 38.  They scored 40 and had 6 points handed to them by Tulane turnovers and another 3 by a questionable coaching decision at the end of the half by Willie Fritz.  OU scored a grand total of 3 points in the second half and the Wave picked off Rattler 3 times (I’m counting Macon Clark’s second pick that was wiped away by a b.s. pass interference call). OU was not able to hit Tulane on any real deep passes.  There were a couple of catch and run chunk plays, but OU was not able to blow the top off Tulane’s defense like it wanted to. 

Morgan State: Analysis

Tulane is a 40.5 point favorite in this game against Morgan State, so there isn’t much analysis to do in this one.  On paper, Tulane should win this game going away and ideally, Justin Ibieta would get plenty of snaps as early as the second quarter.  Morgan State mustered 7 whole first downs against Towson State last week in its first game in over a year. 

The “film” I could find on that game showed Morgan State’s lack of speed on defense, especially in the secondary and poor pass protection on offense. I expect Morgan State to play a little better this week with a game under their belt, but Tulane isn’t Towson.  This week for Tulane is more about what we want to work on versus just trying to win the game.  Here are some things I want to see this week.

  1. Get the running game going.  Tulane couldn’t run the ball consistently against OU which put a lot of pressure on Michael Pratt to make plays both through the air and with his feet.  I want to see Cam Carroll and company go off for more than 250 yards rushing, and I’d love to see Devin Brumfield and Iverson Celestine get some carries in this one.  I don’t want to see Michael Pratt carry the ball more than 3 or 4 times in this one. 

  1. Open up the deep passing game.  Tulane attempted a couple of passes over 20 yards against OU but was unable to connect on any of them.  I’d like to see Tulane complete a couple of passes that travel more than 20 yards down field in the air.

  1. Pitch a shutout. Tulane has not shut out an opponent since beating Army 41-0 in Tommy Bowden’s first season in 1997.  The Green Wave almost shut Temple out last year and UConn in 2019.  I’d love to see Tulane shut out Morgan State (who was shut out last week) and re-set the clock on the lack of shut outs.  

  1. New faces.  Tulane didn’t play that many guys against Oklahoma.  This could be an opportunity for Tulane to see Justin Ibieta in extended action.  Other young players on offense like Iverson Celestine, Bryce Bohanon, TJ Huggins, Jeff Nwankwo, Reggie Brown and Tyrek Presley should get some run in this game.  On defense, it would be great to see Jesus Machado in extended playing time as well as newcomers like Devean Deal, Keith Cooper, Corey Platt, Michael Lunz, Mandel Eugene and Bailey Despanie get some playing time. 


Kelly’s Prediction:  Morgan State did not do much in their first game back in over a year, and while I think that Tulane could come out a bit flat after this OU game, this game will never be in doubt.  I’m rooting for a shutout.  55-0 Green Wave

JP’s Prediction: Pratt and the offense ignite with a big performance from a receiver like Jha’Quan Jackson. They get rewarded by being able to sit early. Tulane stays in control on the way to a 49-7 victory, and we get the benefit of seeing Ibieta work with more in-game experience.

FTW readers, what’s your prediction? Leave it in the comments. Make sure to subscribe to FTW Weekly below for more updates.

GAME PREVIEW: Tulane @ #2 Oklahoma

Tulane opens the 2021 season on ABC on Saturday

Preview by Kelly Comarda. Programming note: the FTW Fundraiser to support the Second Harvest Food Bank of New Orleans is up over $4,200. We’re trying to reach $5,000 by kickoff tomorrow. You can support this fundraiser here on GoFundMe. Our Oklahoma Preview Podcast can be found here.

Oooooh Nelly, it’s the Green Wave and the Sooners in a season opening matchup on ABC.  When the line opened on this game, Tulane was a 21-point underdog at home. After the Wave evacuated for Hurricane Ida and the game was moved to Norman, OK, the line immediately jumped to 31 and now sits at 31.5 or 32 depending on your favorite betting establishment.  Tulane will be boosted early by a ton of emotion. 

The key to this game for the Greenies will be whether they can harness that emotion and use it as an advantage or whether that emotion will overcome them and lead to an OU blowout. OU is only filling the lower bowl of Memorial Stadium due to staffing shortages for this short notice “home” game.  OU is also asking fans to wear green to show some support for Tulane and the New Orleans community. 

While it’s always difficult to play away from home, this isn’t going to be a normal Oklahoma home game. Don’t get me wrong, the crowd will be solidly in the Sooners’ favor but there will be fewer of them and there shouldn’t be as much animosity as a normal away game.  I’ve got a weird feeling about this one.

Here are some of the things I’m going to be looking for on Saturday morning.

The Right Side of the Offensive Line

Caleb Thomas and Rashad Green are scheduled to start at right guard and right tackle respectively against possibly the best defensive line in college football.  Thomas played well and started a handful of games last season at guard but Green got very little playing time after battling injuries early in the year.  Thomas’ weight is up to 290, a 30 plus pound weight gain since his arrival on campus.

He now has the mass to anchor against the bigger interior linemen.  Green’s weight has gone the opposite way since arriving on campus.  He entered Tulane at approximately 330 lbs and is now down in the 305 lb range.  That weight loss should help the physically talented Green move better laterally and help keep Michael Pratt clean.  

Big Play Differential

Oklahoma has been explosive on offense under Lincoln Riley and that has to scare Chris Hampton and Willie Fritz in this opening match up.  Oklahoma has some real playmakers on offense in Tennessee transfer running back Eric Gray, Arkansas transfer wide receiver Michael Woods and returning wide receivers Marvin Mims, Jadon Haselwood and Theo Wease. Tulane’s veteran secondary will have their hands full with these guys.  Tulane won’t stop Oklahoma’s attack, but if the Wave can limit Oklahoma’s big plays and force the Sooners to move the ball down the field one first down at a time, then I like Tulane’s chances to keep this one much closer than Vegas thinks it will be.

When Tulane has the ball, the Wave will have to find a way to create some big plays and pick up 6-7 plays of 20 yards or more.  To do that, Tulane is either going to have to dial up some deep balls to Duece Watts or have one of their smaller, quicker playmakers shake free on runs after the catch.  Tyjae Spears returns as another x-factor for Tulane both in the running game in and in the passing game.  If he can show the elusiveness that he did last year, Tulane is going to be tough to stop on most weeks.  For this week, breaking tackles might be the key to achieving those big plays for the wave. Tackling is usually poor in the first game of the season, so hopefully Tulane can take advantage of that. 

New Wrinkles 

Chip Long and Chris Hampton coached Tulane in the Idaho Potato Bowl in late 2020 but neither had an opportunity to put their own stamp on the game plan.  I’d expect to see a lot more throwing under Chip Long than we saw even under Will Hall.  Long is a huge fan of the screen pass, the quick passing game and getting the ball in his playmakers’ hands as quickly and as often as possible.  Look for Tulane to test Oklahoma’s conditioning early in this game. On defense, Coach Hamp inherits a very deep and experienced back 7 that added transfers Lance Robinson, Derrion Rakestraw and DJ Daniels. 

It will be interesting to see how that newfound depth on the back end allows Tulane to employ more complex schemes and personnel packages to try to confuse Spencer Rattler.  Lincoln Riley and Alex Grinch both said this week that this would be a difficult game to scout and game plan because Tulane has two new coordinators. Could this be an underrated advantage for the Green Wave?

Time to Shine

Angelo Anderson is one of the most heralded recruits to ever sign with Tulane. Last season for Anderson was marred by injuries, but with the graduation of Patrick Johnson, Anderson finds himself in line for a huge role in the Tulane defense. It’s difficult to put so much pressure on a freshman, but Tulane’s defense could take a quantum leap forward if Anderson can provide a consistent pass rush off the edge.  Anderson doesn’t have to be Patrick Johnson in order for the Wave to have success on defense, but if he can win one on one matchups and force offenses to help to his side, then it could allow JoJo Dorceus and the crew to get loose. 

Special Teams

Merek Glover returns for what feels like his 10th season at Tulane this year.  Glover has the leg and experience to be an advantage for Tulane, but he has to find the consistency in the long field goal game that has so far eluded him. If Glover can be consistent from 40-49 yards, that could be an underrated storyline for the Wave this year. 

Ryan Wright is a beast of a punter both physically and in his performance. If he can maintain the consistency he found last year, Tulane should have one of the best kicking combinations in the AAC. 

Jha’Quan Jackson is the best return man in the AAC and one of the best in college football. If Tulane has any chance to give OU a scare, Jackson is going to be one of the keys to the game. Tulane fans hope he can shake free on a punt return or a kickoff return and flip field position or steal a TD from the Sooners this weekend.  


My head says that Oklahoma should win this game easy, but I have a strange feeling. Tulane is uniquely equipped at handling logistical adversity. We have endured Katrina, COVID and other short-term evacuations in the past. We have this down to a science. We are a veteran team with a talented quarterback, and we’ll have some new wrinkles for Oklahoma to contend with on both sides of the ball.  Does that equate to a win?

No, I don’t think so, but you should take Tulane and the points. I think Tulane hangs in the game with Oklahoma for far longer than anyone thinks they will. Oklahoma pulls away late in the game as the talent gap takes over.  

Kelly’s Pick: Oklahoma 45 - Tulane 30

JP’s Pick: Oklahoma 52 - Tulane 24 to beat the spread

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